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Lyme Regis: By the Seaside, by the beautiful sea!



I went for a little adventure away from Old Park Hall, and went to Lyme Regis on the Jurassic Coast. It’s a little seaside town with tons of little shops, people on holiday, adorable seaside huts, and seaside goodies like ice-cream, fish and chips, and fudge. In April the weather was cold but sunny, and with a jacket on it was a lovely way to pass a spring day.



I walked along the pebble beach, bought gooseberry and elderflower and damson jam, and borage honey to bring home. I also got some silk pants to hang around the house in, and, of course, I got a few snacks.


My first snack was a Cornish pasty, it was moist and delicious, but I ate it so quickly I failed to get a photo. I got a bit of treacle tart that I brought with me to the beach and ate. It was more sweet than the ones I make at home. I don’t know how, because they’re all just sugar, perhaps it was more caramelized, anyway it was. Still tasty though!

Walking around I went to many lovely shops! There were so many cute buildings too. I wasn’t sure exactly where to look, and what to take photos of. I even found a bookstore that was packed to the brim with every book under the sun! The battery life of my phone has become a hugely limiting factor to my photos, because I’ve been in the position of having a dead phone, with no idea how to get home. When your phone is your map, as mine is, you get stingy with the battery. I’m going to have to start carrying those recharging external batteries.

Anyway, I stopped into a Costa, which is like UK Starbucks to grab a tea and use the internet. The guy at the front counter was really flirtatious, and once I sat down I was glad because their free internet was terrible! He came by and gave me the password to the good employee internet. The little things in life make a huge difference while overseas!

One of the shops, Ammonite, was a treasure trove of little local foodstuffs. They had local cheese, biscuits, oils and vinegars, candies, beer, and cider. I bought a little fresh goat cheese, and a few beverages to test when I got back home. I wanted to buy more things, and a lot of the tins were really pretty, but my suitcase wouldn’t allow for such frivolities.

The little area by the old Lyme Regis flour mill is gorgeous! I went into a potter’s studio, and fell in love in a stoneware bowl. I didn’t get it, for a number of reasons, and decided to soften the blow with some local gelato. That’s when I found Frank & Beans. They had some adventurous flavors; the basil and chili was intriguing and really delicious, but in the end I opted for the figs and roasted cashew nut. Yum!



The day was so nice that I walked the two hours back to Axminster! Along the way I was honked at, waved at, and whistled at a number of times. It seems as though a puffy jacket and yoga pants can take you pretty far! Haha. I took a few pictures of things that made me chuckle along the way. Cooks Lane speaks for itself, but the other photo really kills me. Someone in Axminster seems to have given up on grass, and opted instead for some astroturf on the side of their driveway. Brilliant.

I rounded off the day back in Axminster, where I stopped into the River Cottage Canteen & Deli. I was hoping for food, but the kitchen was closed, so I got another cup of tea and some parsnip apricot cake. The server was really friendly, and she brought me two slices instead of the one I’d ordered. “The other slice looked sad, so I brought it out too,” she said. She brought me a box to take any extra with me.

There were two young women sitting next to me. We had a lovely chat about food, travel, Alaska, and life in general. I encouraged them to visit, and I certainly hope that they do!

I was very tired when I got back to Old Park Hall, but my lovely day by the sea was well worth it!


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